08 September 2008

iowa 42, florida international 0 (2-0)

Week two of another game the Hawks should win easily--and they did. Score at halftime was 35-0, but Kirk Ferentz has more class than to run it up. Running back Shonn Greene had 130 yards on 13 carries, but even more exciting is a genuine quarterback controversy! Christiansen or Stanzi??? Christiansen was the starter last year and also game 1, but Stanzi started this second game of the season and outshone Christiansen. Big Ten Network has the highlights. Iowa State is next week, so it's anyone's game.

Speaking of football:
--condolences to my friend and boss, Dr. Briane Turley. His WVU Mountaineers got beat badly. Ugh.

--"condolences" to my brother, Nathan, who just a few weeks ago took Tom Brady with the #5 pick in our Fantasy Football league. Jon Kitna is my backup QB--I'm willing to talk trade...

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