18 September 2008

iowa 17, iowa state 5 (3-0)

Another week, another win. Some detractors might add, another weak team, another win. Yes and no. The Hawks are playing convincingly good football, and the victory over Iowa State shows they can win. ISU is not a good team, but it is our in-state rival, and both teams are always geared up for the game, as is the entire state of Iowa. The field was brutal, with standing water and awful conditions, so I'll take a 17-5 win. RB Shonn Greene is looking good.

Big Ten Network has the highlights of the Iowa-Iowa State game.

Next week at Pitt will be a crucial game for the year and the door to the conference schedule. Iowa is on a disastrous 1-for-7 streak for away games. The game will be on ESPN2 at 11am, so I've already got the couch reserved!

Speaking of football, my NFL FF team is 0-2, even though I was projected to beat my dad's team by thirty-some points. One of his WRs was setting franchise records, so what was I to do???

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