12 June 2010

quincy ix ballot results

Ballot 1--need 22 clergy and 33 lay to elect.
Abbot Morales: 18 clergy, 48 lay
Fr den Blaauwen: 10 clergy, 9 lay
Fr Brooks: 13 clergy, 10 lay

Ballot #2 taken 1:20pm. We have an election--thanks be to God!
Morales: 23 clergy, 51 lay
den Blaauwen: 10 clergy, 8 lay
Brooks: 8 clergy, 8 lay

11 June 2010

election results for the ninth bishop of the diocese of quincy

I'm not much of a live-blogger, but I will try to post some results here on Saturday for our bishop election.  All I have is my iPhone with no blogger apps; maybe I'll try to find one some I'm not having to use the web.  Registration is at 9am, followed by Holy Eucharist at 10am, then we are underway.

Synod is convened 11:15am. Fr. John Spencer is leading, as head of Standing Committee. 40 of 45 clergy present, 65 of 69 delegates present, we have a quorum.

Synod rules allow speeches in favor of candidates. Fr Frank Dunaway is speaking for Abbot Morales. Mr LeRoy Groff with seconding speech.

Kim Benson is speaking on behalf of Fr Ed den Blaauwen. Fr Ed Guill of Nashville now speaking.

Fr Toby Karlowicz speaking on behalf of Fr Michael Brooks. Now Mary Kay Gamage is speaking.

No nominations from the floor--Nominations closed for the first ballot. Now additional speakers are rising in favor of various candidates.

First ballot taken at 1pm.