27 September 2008

jesus is a friend of mine: sonseed & david crowder band

The world changed in September 2008, with the return of the melodic stylings of Sonseed. Thanks to William Brown for pointing to this video for "Jesus is a Friend of Mine":

This weekend I ran across David Crowder Band in their setting at University Baptist in Waco with their own version of the Sonseed instant classic:

18 September 2008

iowa 17, iowa state 5 (3-0)

Another week, another win. Some detractors might add, another weak team, another win. Yes and no. The Hawks are playing convincingly good football, and the victory over Iowa State shows they can win. ISU is not a good team, but it is our in-state rival, and both teams are always geared up for the game, as is the entire state of Iowa. The field was brutal, with standing water and awful conditions, so I'll take a 17-5 win. RB Shonn Greene is looking good.

Big Ten Network has the highlights of the Iowa-Iowa State game.

Next week at Pitt will be a crucial game for the year and the door to the conference schedule. Iowa is on a disastrous 1-for-7 streak for away games. The game will be on ESPN2 at 11am, so I've already got the couch reserved!

Speaking of football, my NFL FF team is 0-2, even though I was projected to beat my dad's team by thirty-some points. One of his WRs was setting franchise records, so what was I to do???

12 September 2008

come to penn state!

If you're fortunate enough not to be a Big Ten football fan like me (it's been rough lately), you may not have seen the ad for the Big Ten Network. It's a good 60 seconds of coaches trying to recruit players, but the best part is the very end, with Joe Paterno's, "Come to Penn State." The ad is worth the watch just for JoePa.

11 September 2008

theology is not for everyone

From St Gregory of Nazianzus:

"Discussion of theology is not for everyone, I tell you, not for everyone--it is no such inexpensive or effortless pursuit. Nor, I would add, is it for every occasion, or every audience; neither are all its aspects open to inquiry. It must be reserved for certain occasions, for certain audiences, and certain limits must be observed. It is not for all people, but only for those who have been tested and have found a sound footing in study, and, more importantly, have undergone, or at the very least are undergoing, purification of body and soul. For one who is not pure to lay hold of pure things is dangerous, just as it is for weak eyes to look at the sun's brightness."

Gregory speaks to a number of challenges for today's church, which I hope to address in separate posts, though I welcome any comments now:
1) Theology is not simple.
2) Theology from everyone, by everyone, is killing the Church. Many think they have a "right" to be heard, to have a place at the table, when shaping the way the Church talks about interpreting God's revelation of himself. Not necessarily so!
3) Theology rightly belongs to the Church.
4) Theology is not solely intellectual, but a spiritual undertaking.

08 September 2008

iowa 42, florida international 0 (2-0)

Week two of another game the Hawks should win easily--and they did. Score at halftime was 35-0, but Kirk Ferentz has more class than to run it up. Running back Shonn Greene had 130 yards on 13 carries, but even more exciting is a genuine quarterback controversy! Christiansen or Stanzi??? Christiansen was the starter last year and also game 1, but Stanzi started this second game of the season and outshone Christiansen. Big Ten Network has the highlights. Iowa State is next week, so it's anyone's game.

Speaking of football:
--condolences to my friend and boss, Dr. Briane Turley. His WVU Mountaineers got beat badly. Ugh.

--"condolences" to my brother, Nathan, who just a few weeks ago took Tom Brady with the #5 pick in our Fantasy Football league. Jon Kitna is my backup QB--I'm willing to talk trade...