03 December 2008

quote of the day

"If I had been a priest I would have made a thorough study of Hebrew and Greek so as to understand the thought of God as he has vouchsafed to express it in our human language."

--St Theresa of the Child Jesus
(quoted in the front pages of A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament, 3rd Rev. Ed., by Max Zerwick, S.J.)

02 December 2008

quote of the day

"[Plato's] father Ariston traced his descent from Codrus, the last king of Athens, and the family of his mother Perictione was connected with Solon, who, as Field remarked (Ρ. and Contemps. 4), might be of less venerable antiquity but at least had the advantage of having really existed."

--from WKC Guthrie's A History of Greek Philosophy