30 June 2008

reading the bible in 90 days

While wandering around the Mardel Christian bookstore this past week, I saw a "90-Day Bible," and that grabbed my attention. I've never thought about reading the entire Bible in 90 days!

However, instead of buying another Bible, I decided to look on the internet, and, of course, found the 90-day plan. It works out to about 12 pages in their edition; the first day, for example, is just over 13 pages in Rebecca's ESV leatherbound.

I plan to begin reading on Sunday, July 6, and each day will post something here, a reflection or a comment or whatever. Would anyone like to join me? It might be fun to do something like this with others.

Here's the schedule.


Randy Williams said...

I am beginning it tommorrow. I look foward to reading your posts about it.


Stephen Ley said...


I'd enjoy reading your thoughts on GAFCON. Perhaps in a future blog post?

jason miller said...

Stephen--yes, I plan on a GAFCON something or other, but life is too insane right at the moment! Our rector was an invited member of the pilgrimage, then going on vacation, so it's just me at the church, plus I'm teaching a four-week history class at Tulsa Community College, so...GAFCON will have to wait. Though I'm excited about it, especially in that it creates a new instrument of unity without completely closing the door on the ABC as primus inter pares.