25 June 2008

brave new world

I'm trying to get back into blogging. I took the site down for a couple of months, and my life has changed drastically since then. I was ordained a priest (finally--the picture on the left was the one on the cover of my ordination bulletin, on the Feast Day of St Mark the Evangelist), finished my thesis and graduated from seminary. Life is completely different from three months ago. I'm so busy (a good, no, a great busy) that the blogging that I did before is different than what I would do now. It's not that nothing has happened worth blogging about; for example, I finally implemented my long-dreamed interactive sermon in a Eucharistic setting.

I decided to re-up my blog because I saw things that I wanted to reflect on, but I'm still figuring out exactly how this is going to work! For now, I've decided that, in addition to posting new stuff, I will re-post occasional entries from the last go-around, so anything you see with "blast from the past," that's from the old blog.

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