17 July 2008

it's an ordination picture!!!

I've mentioned that one event during my blog vacation was my ordination to the priesthood in April. Despite the fact that we had been working toward this for years (almost a decade for me, and Rebecca has been right alongside for most of that), we walked away with virtually no pictures. We had given our camera to a parishioner who was there, but we had left the setting on "close-up," which meant that all our pictures were blurry (not his fault, of course). No fear, my grandfather had his camera. However, when I contacted him to see if we could get copies, he had lost his camera! AAAAAHHH!!!

Thanks be to God, Grandpa found his camera a few weeks ago and sent me the pictures he had. So here are Rebecca and me right after my ordination.


Stephen Ley said...

Very nice!

Mary Ellen said...

That would be a total bummer to ot have one photo.

Way to go Grandpa!!

The Going Blog said...

Great picture of you two!! Can you tell Rebecca hello for me. If your ever up in Indiana stop by.

jenny said...

What a great milestone and the culmination of so much study, discipline and hard work. Kudos to all of you!